Alcoholism and drug addiction are catastrophic social problems in Honduras which prey on our people. General widespread corruption in the society and a dearth of moral values plague the society, as well.


The dangers addiction brings to our people and our communities are daunting and alarming.


Children as young as eight years old use alcohol. Secondary school students compete to see who can drink the most. Teenage girls fall prey to alcohol, drugs and sexual promiscuity – sometimes even falling into the degradation of prostitution. Grandparents drink. Parents drink. Our brothers and sisters use illegal drugs. Our neighbors use drugs and drink.


We ask, “Where is our country headed?” “Where are the positive examples parents are to provide?” “Where are our morals?” “What will happen to our society?” Such questions speak clearly to the reason for CEREPA’s work.


Our society is faltering under the weight of drug and alcohol addiction. CEREPA’s purpose and the reason for its existence is to help.